What is Pyroidea?

PyroIdea is a new research forum, a place to empower innovative concepts leading to the improvement and development of the Pyrotechnic market and its products.


Our visionNuestra visión

After a few years working with the Pyro Industry, and conscious of the changes happened in the last decades, here at Gamon, we found the need of a where creativity, innovation and Corporate Social responsibility develop and improve freely without any restriction.


Being a good place to work, that people feel inspired to give each day the best of themselves.



Be a responsible entity that makes a difference by helping to build and support sustainable development.



Offer a varied portfolio of quality products and services that anticipate and satisfy the wishes and needs of our customers, under the premises of safety, quality and efficiency.



Maximize performance for shareholders while keeping in mind the general responsibilities of the Company.



Create a common and lasting value.



Be an effective and dynamic organization.



Our mission

To create PyroIdea as a place to develop new projects with a perspective out from the day to day work, with a more radical and innovative point of view.

Sometimes., as under a commercial point of view, we start from an ethereal idea to a final design of a part, service or improvement, always under the scope of increasing safety and efficiency.




Idea Lab

PyroIdea becomes an Idea Lab where a wide range of projects are included, whether from the customer or internal. With a conceptual or material purpose, not only focused on a result but to learn during the research labour as it provides more knowledge and prepares us for new challenges, where every idea is considered if that means innovation even when far from nowadays reality.


As becoming and independent area, gets rid of short term commercial purposes or return of investment priorities, letting creativity, energy efficiency, environmental care or corporate social responsibility.


As we care about Pyrotechnics as a part of our culture, our goal is to work for a safer, efficient, responsibility, as a way to guarantee that the Pyrotechnic industry remains as an importan part of the society providing happiness around the world.


In addition, forums and meeting will be planned to generate tendencies and ideas within the Pyro scope.


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